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JF wins the Touro de Ouro Award 2017




The JF received for the 6º consecutive year the Touro de Ouro Award. This is one of the most important recognition of Brazilian livestock marketing and promoted by AG Magazine.


This Award exists since 2009 but the Precision Forage Harvester has been added on the winners wall on 2010 only.


Besides JF, other important national and international livestocks brands attended the event.


Celso Trevensoli, the JF Comercial Manager, represented JF and received the Award. According to Trevensoli, this award is a recognition of the brilliant work JF team is doing since long time ago in the Agribusiness, in special livestock segment. Receiving this Award for the 6º consecutive year is a honor and it make sure that we are following the correct way.


Celso Trevensoli dedicated the award to all employees, customers, dealers and partners.


JF, the solution for the farmer!