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JF receives Touro de Ouro Award 2016




Last Friday (04/11), JF received for the fifth consecutive year the Touro de Ouro Award, one of the most important recognition of Brazilian livestock. JF received the Award on the Precision Forage Harvesters category.


Touro de Ouro Award, in a free translation means Golden Bull Award, and recognize the best brands in Brazilian livestock, it’s promoted by AG Magazine since 2009 and hosted by Brazilian Rural Society in São Paulo city.



The biggest and best brands were present at the event to receive the recognition and benefited of a pleasurable moment of celebration and networking.


The South Region Comercial Manager, Celso Trevensoli, represented JF and received the Award from Arthur Cesar, Agricultural engineer and Boviplan consultant for Livestock Intensification Projects.


JF definitely understands this recognition reflects the solid, honest and transparent work done by the team. Even Brazil is facing economic and political challenges, the company kept closed to the customer in order to understand the farmer’s need, provide expected support and offer the best solutions to customers, dealers and partners.


Because of this behalf and true relationship with partners and customer, JF has been recognized with this important Award. Winning Touro de Ourto for the fifth year consecutive is a pleasure, demonstrate the market approves and recommend JF products.


In Celso Trevensoli words, “First of all, the Touro de Ouro Award is the recognition of a process that starts in JF manufacturing plant, go through several departments and processes before being shipped and delivered to farmers through our dealers, so, it’s a pleasure be part of this amazing team.”


JF is proud of this outstanding result achievement and recognize the responsibility this Award represents. Due that, JF is committed to keep looking for best practices and technologies to develop better products and solutions to the farmer.


JF, the solution for the farmer!