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IBGE: Milk production recovers in the 4th quarter of 2016




The Brazilian Institute of Geografy and Statics shared last March 15th the brazilian milk capture (formal production) in the last quarter of 2016. The numbers points to a recovery compared to the 3rd quarter of the same year.


In 2016, the dairy establishments under some kind of sanitary inspection picked up 23,17 billion liters. There was a decrease of 3,7% over the previeus year, which accounted for less than 893,23 millions liters of purchased milk. This was the second consecutive decrease in anual historic series of milk acquisition.


Although the fall in the year of 2016, several states experienced relevant increases in their milk production.


The most significant increases have occurred in the state of Santa Catarina (+89,77 million liters), Rio de Janeiro (+18,7 million liters), Pará (+15,95 million liters) and Tocantins (+15,6 million liters). Minas Gerais kept the wide leadership in the ranking of brazilian states, with 26,4% of national production, followed by Rio Grande do Sul (14,0%) and Paraná (11,8%).


There were also production decrease in 17 of the 26 Federation Units who responded the survey. The most intense falls have been indentified in the State of Minas Gerais (-335,94 millions liters), Rio Grande do Sul (-238,7 million liters), Goiás (-136,12 million liters) and Paraná (-94,23 million liters).


In the last quarter of 2016, the purchase of raw milk was 6,24 billion liters, increasing 6,7% related to the immediately preceding quarter and fall of 0,8% related to the last quarter of 2015.


If this recovery trend is kept, the Market can expect impovement in the brazilian dairy production for 2017.



Fonte: IBGE