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Agribusiness supports formal employment growth in Brazil




The agribusiness has been an important player in brazilian economy for both production and employment growth. After impacting GDP (Gross Domestic Product) positively in the first quarter of 2017, Agribusiness has been the main responsible for creating new job positions in May.


According to Folha de São Paulo Newspaper, the balance between new jobs positions and layoffs was positive, it’s the best result for May month, since 2014.


Agriculture and Livestock has been responsible for 46K new job positions. All the other economic sectors together have created a little bit more than 4K new positions. Just in order to realize how important this result is, in the same month of the last year the formal job positions have been decreased in 72,6K.


The relevance of agribusiness is enourmous as it generates 90% of all new job positions opened in overall brazilian economy in the last month.


Also according to Folha de São Paulo newspaper, the 1% GDP growth in the first quarter of 2017 happened because of Agribusiness sector. This economic sector has been the main player for brazilian economy recovery.