JF Máquinas


JF 1600 AT S3 Row Independent Precision Forage Harvester


Capacity¹ up to 50 ton/h*
Cut sizes² 18 (3 to 55mm)
Number of blades 15
Number of gathering drums 4
Number of rotor 1
Power source tractor PTO
Required power at PTO 100 to 140 hp
Required revolution at PTO 540 RPM (Optional 1000 RPM)
Transmission system cardan & gearbox
Weight 2400 Kg
¹Maximum working width can be significantly reduced due to: product type, ways of planting (planted in row or not), distance between rows, topography and climate among other factors that affects harvesting. ²Productivity might vary and depends on the following factors: cut size; productivity of forage per hectare; tractor power; logistic capacity (wagons) for forage transportation. Before acquiring the equipment, please talk to your dealer about the size of your tractor tire.

Striving for innovation and continuous improvement, JF presents to the market JF 1600 AT S3 featuring the new rotor with 15 blades and with redesigned discharge chute in order to improve the forage discharge into the trucks and wagons.


JF 1600 AT S3, featuring a robust header with 1,6m working width, harvests several types of fodder crops independent of planting in row or broadcast. It features also the powerful rotor with 15 big blades with “C” technology, which results in excellent chopping quality and kernel cracking action with no need of additional equipment.


Another highlight is the chainless and beltless drive system, resulting in a more robust, simpler maintenance and more effective transmission of tractor power to the machine.


To attend the farmers around the world wishes, JF presents the innovative Kernel processor “+PRO”, which can be used in combination with our powerful “C” technology blades, together they can ensure great quality of particle and KPS, increasing the silage nutritional quality.



• Kernel Processor System +PRO: Increase of kernel processing score (KPS) for more milk and beef production;

• Row-independent and multi-forage harvesting with 1,6m working width;

• Direct drive transmission system without belt/chain for taking better advantage of tractor power and easier maintenance;

• Fully articulated frame and 2 support wheels with hydraulic adjustment allows harvesting in uneven terrains without damaging the equipment frame and relieves tension on tractor 3-point linkage;

• Frame designed for side, front or rear harvesting, allowing opening of fields as well as easier harvesting in small plots and edges;

• Powerful rotor with 15 blades with “C” technology for high quality particle distribution; cut and throw action in a single operation; and kernel cracking with no need of additional devices;

• Designed for harvesting biomass crops like elephant and napier grasses and other crops like tea tree and moringa.