JF Máquinas


JF 2000 AT Frontal Forage Harvester


Capacity¹ up to 48 ton/h
Cut sizes² 24 (2mm to 36mm)
Number of blades 24
Number of gathering drums 8
Number of rotor 2
Power source tractor PTO
Required power at PTO 90 to 130 hp
Required revolution at PTO 1000 RPM
Transmission system cardan & gearbox
Weight 1850 kg
¹Maximum working width can be significantly reduced due to: product type, ways of planting (planted in row or not), distance between rows, topography and climate among other factors that affects harvesting. ²Productivity might vary and depends on the following factors: cut size; productivity of forage per hectare; tractor power; logistic capacity (wagons) for forage transportation. Before acquiring the equipment, please talk to your dealer about the size of your tractor tire.

JF 2000 AT Frontal Precision Forage Harvester is the evolution of exclusive JF concept forharvesting with twin chopping rotors combined with JF 1600 AT row independent harvesting technology.


With a high productivity 1,89m harvesting header and high quality particle size distribution adjustable to 24 sizes, the harvester is still more productive and versatile.

With its multi-forage harvesting system for winter and summer crops, resulting in superior quality silage, improving livestock feeding.

The folding frame is very handy for offset and front/rear harvesting positions, making easy the opening of fields and harvesting on edges, as well as making transportation simpler.

The chute with double deflector has a precise discharge controled by joystick.


To attend the farmers around the world wishes, JF presents the innovative Kernel processor “+PRO”, which can be used in combination with our powerful “C” technology blades, together they can ensure great quality of particle and KPS, increasing the silage nutritional quality.



• Kernel Processor System +PRO: Increase of kernel processing score (KPS) for more milk and beef production;

• Ideal for opening fields, small plots and harvesting of "male" rows in seed maize crops;

• Exclusive for mounting on front or back of tractor for an inline harvesting experience;

• Harvests up to 4 rows³ of maize and sorghum depending on the distance between rows planted;

• It has a working width of 1,89m for harvesting forage planted in row, broadcast, intercropped systems and in any direction, increasing substantially the productivity;

• Twin rotors with total of 24 “C” technology blades: excellent kernel cracking action; more stable and resistant;  no rotor wear; ease of changing/replacing blades;

• Versatile working positions and easy transportation due to folding frame system;

• Simple operation by joystick control;

• 24 cut size options (from 2mm to 36mm);

• Suitable for harvesting male rows on seed maize fields.


³Harvesting up to 4 rows depends on distance between rows among other factors.