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JF: a history of success and achievements


JF is a 100% Brazilian capital company, established in 1981 with the goal of manufacturing machines for livestock and agriculture. Our product range includes precision forage harvesters, heads, forage choppers, fodder processors, hammer mills and forage wagons that are distributed through Brazil and over 40 countries around the world.

JF has presently approximately 600 employees and is located in the city of Itapira, São Paulo State, 160 Km from São Paulo City. The company has a total area of 110.000 m2, with 45.000 m2 of facilities, and fields for tests of equipments.

JF's history started when the young Mr. João Nogueira de Freitas entered the Agricultural School of Espírito Santo de Pinhal. After his graduation, in 1952, he started an untiring search of solutions for the needs of the farmer. With full dedication to its job, the first machine came out not long after.

In 1980, his great dream came true: the building of JF Agricultural Machinery Ltd. Starting the manufacturing in 1981, it did not take much until JF products are recognized about its premium quality, productivity and durability. In 1990, JF launches the forage harvester that revolutionized the market: JF 90. JF, increasing its market share year after year through several innovations and new products, is nowadays the number one brand of single and double row forage harvesters in the world.

JF has evolved technologically and improved all its product range, meeting the changes on the farmers' needs along the years. JF has grown, launched many products, but has kept its main philosophy, created by Mr. João Nogueira de Freitas: to be the solution for the farmer. The new administration, following this philosophy, keeps on managing the company seeking team work, innovation and solid investments, achieving great results.

Touro de Ouro Award 2016