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JF - New Visual Identity




JF announces a gradual color change for its new visual identity.


As it is known by the market, JF machines have already been green, also called byzantine blue; it has already had the combination of red, green and yellow; and presently it uses predominantly the colors green and yellow.


With the continuous evolution and expansion on the 5 continents, the logo also evolved until recently receiving the circular element that means our endless and tireless search for the satisfaction of our customers. Without changing the traditional JF logo, it was possible to update all visual communication giving the brand symbol a lighter and more modern look.


Following these changes, it is time to modernize the visual identity of the equipment.


For almost 40 years JF has been innovating in the market. It has been always launching new models, different concepts, improving quality, including technologies, changing service standards, having field presence, making new international partnerships, launching of online spare parts shop, investing in manufacturing technologies, and now the visual identity of JF equipment will also be modernized.


The change will start by the precision forage harvester line, simultaneously with important developments on all models of this range, as the new kernel processor +PRO, among others. The change will take place on the rest of JF range of products gradually along 2020.


This important modification also announces the arrival of JF’s 40th anniversary that officially begins on June 24th, when JF celebrates 39 years.


JF equipment will now be gray and yellow. This is a transition that celebrates JF’s history, preserves its quality, emphasize the ambition for innovation and keep it updated on modern times.


The gray color, which will be the prevailing one on the machines, refers to maturity, knowledge, professionalism, balance and technology. The yellow color on its turn refers to optimism, success, trust and joy.


A new era, a new identity. The same quality and the same compromise: to be solution for the farmer!


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