JF Máquinas


JF 5000 Forage Wagon


Back discharge capacity 2,5 minutes
Capacity¹ 5m³
Front discharge capacity -
Height 234 to 253mm (with doser)
Height of discharge spout 730 to 900mm
Length 5900m
Required power at PTO 55 cv
Required revolution at PTO 540 RPM
Tires 10,5 x 15 x 8 (2 units)
Transport width -
Weight (empty) 1550kg (with doser)
Wheels system Simple
Width 2000 to 2450mm
¹The productivities are average evaluations obtained during test conditions and may vary according to the product humidity degree, specific weight and working conditions.

JF 5000 Forage Wagon was developed to support the hard work that the field demands in harvesting and for both discharge in the silo and feed distribution direct in the trough. 

Effective in the daily handling of forage, it features back discharge for storage in the silo and and side discharge directly to the trough. 

It is equipped with naval wood floor with steel bars driven by chains. It also has safety pins for overload protection of transmission.

Another great advantage of JF 5000 is the optional HydraFeeder with hydraulic control, which adds concentrate ration and other nutritional additives to the forage, with a precise control of dosing flow.



Forage wagon for transporting and livestock feeding, with capacity of 5m³, powered by tractor PTO, featuring steel conveyor bars driven by chains built in special steel and removable floor built in naval wood, rolling fingers, full opening rear door, detachable draw bar ,articulated jack, HydraFeeder with hydraulic control directly from tractor cabin (optional), PTO shaft transmission, reversible discharge system, discharge height adjustment, side discharge auger, auger for wilted forage (optional), safety system with safety pins  for transmission protection, wheels and agricultural tires 10,5 x 15 x 8, required revolution at PTO of 540 RPM and required power at PTO starting from 55 hp.




• HydraFeeder (Optional) with hydraulic dosing control without leaving the tractor, adding homogeneously nutritional additives to the forage;

• Reversible discharge mechanism allows to change from side discharge to rear discharge fast and easily;

• Special reinforced chain, built in special steel with higher durability and perfect coupling between chains and sprocket wheel;

• Removable floor built in naval wood assuring higher floor durability with simpler maintenance, lower cost and less friction with chains, extending the life spam of conveyor bars;

• Height adjustment with the exclusive JF 5000 system allows setting discharge height according to the height of trough (730 to 900mm).