JF Máquinas


JF 1000 AT 192 Head


Attachable JF 192
Capacity¹ up to 35 ton/h
Culture millet, maize, sorghum, sugar cane, oats
Power source tractor PTO
Required power at PTO 80 to 120 hp
Required revolution at PTO 540 RPM
Working width 1 meter
Heads are optional and sold separated. ¹Maximum working width can be significantly reduced due to: product type, ways of planting (planted in row or broadcast), distance between rows, topography and climate among other factors that affects harvesting. ²Productivity might vary and depends on the following factors: cut size; productivity of forage per hectare; tractor power; logistic capacity (wagons) for forage transportation. Acquiring a head, please talk to your dealer about the size of your tractor tire.

JF 1000 AT – 192 multi-forage headers increases the harvesting capacity of the powerful JF 192 Forage Harvester, renowned for its strength and resistance in heavy duty jobs.

The 1-meter working width improves the operation performance and the yield in sugar cane and tropical grasses. The disc saw cutting system assures a clean and precise cut for a faster growth of the forage.

JF 1000 AT – 192 will allow also that JF 192 will be explored to the maximum in the harvesting of maize and sorghum. 



The new row-independent technology featured in JF 1000 AT-192 opens a new world of possibilities for the farmer:

• Harvesting of 2 rows for forage planted in rows (ex. maize and sorghum);

• Wider “mouth” for easier harvesting of sugar cane, tropical grasses and other heavy crops;

• Increase of productivity of harvester with low power requirement;

• Labor and fuel saving if compared to using 2 single row harvesters;

• It has a maximum cutting width of 0,92m for harvesting forage planted in row, broadcast, intercropped and in any direction, increasing substantially productivity;

• Simple and strong design and transmission, built with resistant gearboxes for lower maintenance.