JF Máquinas


JF 70 Hammer Mill


Number of hammers in the rotor 36
Power source tractor PTO
Required electric motor power -
Required revolution³ 3.320 up to 3.670 RPM
Tractor power (hp) 36 hp
Versions tractor
Weight 255 kg
¹The motors/engines and sieves are optional and sold separately. ²Productivity might vary and depend on factors like: tractor, motor or engine power, labor availability, type and quality of forage. The grain size/productivity are directly linked to the grain moisture content.

The JF 70 and JF 80 hammer mills are characteri- zed by their robust and efficient design, which allows for the effective crushing of dry grains, including corn, cobs, cereal straws, and seeds. Notably, the JF 80 model is widely utilized in the production of high moisture grain silage, further enhancing its versatility. Both models are compatible with tractor operation, and the JF 80 model offers the added option of electric motor operation.
These machines are renowned for their high performance, enabling farmers to save valuable time while producing highly nutritious animal feed. The efficient crushing of grains ensures that livestock receive a consistent and easily digestible source of nutrition, ultimately contributing to their overall health and well-being.



Heavy-duty construction;


High performance;


Simple operation and low maintenance cost;


Lateral discharge to work with the cutting floor (JF 80);


Can be used to crush green coconut and vegetable waste (JF 80).