JF Máquinas


JF 1300 S2 Head


Attachable JF 92 | JF C40 | JF C60 | JF C120
Capacity¹ -
Culture -
Power source tractor PTO
Required power at PTO -
Required revolution at PTO 540
Working width -
Heads are optional and sold separated. ¹Productivity might vary and depends on the following factors: cut size; productivity of forage per hectare; tractor power; logistic capacity (wagons) for forage transportation. Acquiring a head, please talk to your dealer about the size of your tractor tire.

JF Headers make your JF precision forage harvesters more versatile, allowing the harvesting of several types of forage. The combo stands out in its category due to its cutting, gathering and chopping with high precision.

You can increase your productivity harvesting forages at all seasons of the year. With a simple and efficient transmission system, this match results in simplicity and productivity in just one machine.

The Grass Header JF 1300 S2 features an innovative 3-disc cutter bar and is the solution for grass harvesting with high productivity and clean cut of stalks. The combo JF C120 with JF 1300 S2 grants superior output and chopping quality. The cutting and gathering is performed by a resistant 3-disc cutter bar and its transmission is safe, simple and heavy duty, ideal for grass cutting and gathering as well as for oat, barley, alfafa and others.

The 1,30m working width cutter bar was developed in order to get all the chopping power offered by the precision forage harvester JF C120, which has 12 “C” technology blades.



• 1,30m working width;

• Ideal for broadcast crops;

• Cutter bar with 3-disc system;

• Attachable to Forage Harvesters JF 92, JF C40, JF C60, JF C120 with transmission by gearbox or belt;

• Ideal for grasses, oat, barley, alfafa and others;

• Higher productivity with lower power consumption;

• Simple, robust and with sealed gearbox transmission;

• Low maintenance and excellent cost-benefit relationship.