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JF C120 AT S5 Forage Harvester


Capacity¹ up to 35 ton/h2
Cut sizes² 24 (from 3 up to 36mm)
Number of blades 12
Number of gathering drums 4
Number of rotor 1
Power source Tractor PTO
Required power at PTO from 65 up to 95 hp
Required revolution at PTO 540 RPM
Transmission system gearbox / cardan
Weight 865 kg
Maximum working width can be significantly reduced due to: product type, ways of planting (planted in row or broadcast), distance between rows, topography and climate among other factors that affects harvesting. ²Productivity might vary and depends on the following factors: cut size; productivity of forage per hectare; tractor power; logistic capacity (wagons) for forage transportation. Before acquiring the equipment, please talk to your dealer about the size of your tractor tire.

At JF, we take your forage seriously! What about you?

Find out why JF C120 AT S5 is the favorite forage harvester of farmers around the world.



Wider, row-independent header for harvesting maize and sorghum planted at 80 cm between rows, as well as broadcast sown forage;


Unmatched versatility: designed for harvesting sugar cane, tropical forage such as napier and elephant grass, as well as winter forage like oats and barley;


Heavy-duty transmission calculated for tough jobs, featuring special gearboxes;


Front drums, gathering platform, and aligners with an exclusive design for constant harvesting flow and lower stress on transmission and tractor;


24 chop sizes available with easy shifting, perfect for working in various forage, harvesting, and dry matter conditions;


Central lubrication system and built-in sharpener for quicker daily maintenance.